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books cover for the signs and symbols sourcebook by Adele Nozedar
pages from inside the signs and symbols sourcebook

Series: N/A

Chapters: 11; s/m/L

Pages: 509

Genre: Non-Fiction/Symbology

Description: The sourcebook is a book composed of 11 parts that vary from magical signs and symbols to the human body. This book is packed full of interesting information about different symbols as well as their history and designs. The 11 different sections are Sign & Symbols of Magic & Mystery; Symbols in the Elements, the Landscape, and the Natural World; Fauna; Flora; The Mystical Charisma of Minerals, Metals, and Gems; Sacred Geometry & Places of Pilgrimage; Numbers; The Intrigue of Resonance, Letters, and Language; The Body as a Sacred Map; Rites & Rituals, Customs & Observances; and The Nature of the Divine. The sourcebook encompasses plenty to please the reader.

“A Buddhist symbol, the Tiratana is also known as the Three Jewels of Buddhism. These concepts are depicted as a flame that holds three circles protected within it. The flame is symbolic of eternity, and the three circles are the Buddha, his teachings or Dharma, and the Sangha, his followers.” (158)


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book cover for crank by ellen hopkins

Series: Crank

Chapters: 292; S/m/l

Pages: 537

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

“The poems are masterpieces of word, shape, and pacing… a stunning portrayal of a teen’s loss of direction.” – School Library Journal

Description: Kristina is a young girl forced to visit her father in Albuquerque. Whilst there she meets a guy named Adam and suddenly her world is turned upside down as she enters a toxic relationship filled with sex and drugs. Her life gets sucked down the drain as she finds herself addicted to Crank THE drug. THE monster in her life. This book is written in many different poetic styles, including concrete and acrostic, with very short chapters. An easy read, but a deep read.

“But that’s not exactly cool. So you sit and smile pretending like it’s not even fazing you, not touching you at all. So he look you in the eye, trying to measure you, find a hint of reaction. And he says, Tell me how you feel. So you can’t stand it one more second, and you close your eyes, daring him to kiss you. So he does, and it’s electric, high voltage, stun-gun strength desire jolting sinew and bone. And he asks, How ‘bout another line?” (92-93)



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