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book cover for the hunt by andrew fukuda

Series: The Hunt

Chapters: 8; s/m/L

Pages: 293

Genre: Fiction/Dystopia

“A book that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. Both terrifying and sublime, with every page evoking that fragile yet unyielding thing we call humanity.”– Andrea Cremer, author of the Nightshade trilogy

Description: In a world where humans have been almost completely eradicated by the dangers of sickly vampires very few are left alive. Those who are must learn the basics of acting as one of them. No sweating, no laughing, no sleeping on the ground and absolutely no attention drawn towards yourself. Gene has managed to get by until now, the year of the heper hunt. Humans, aka hepers, are raised in captivity until they are of age to be hunted down in a gruesome game of cat and mouse. A random lottery picks the vampires who will participate, when Gene is picked his world turns upside down whilst trying to conceal his secret as well as trying to free the hepers. People resurface from Gene’s past and he must ask himself if he is willing to put himself on the line from these people and the possibility of getting answers to his age old questions.

“No matter the sun: he will bound into the village, tear down doors and windows, rip the hepers to shreds, sink his teeth into the soft give of their neck, even as the sun burns down into his skin and melts it into wax, even as his eyeballs explode and ooze vitreous juice down his sliding face, nose, cheeks. None of it matters even as he succumbs to the rays, even as he dissolves into a puddle of pus, so long as he dies with hepers in his arms and heper juice in his system. What a way to go, not so gently into the night.” (167)



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