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book cover for city of bones by cassandra clare

Series: The Mortal Instruments

Chapters: 24; s/M/l

Pages: 485

Genre: Fantasy/YA Fiction

“this fast-paced fantastic thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats” – VOYA

Description: Clary Fray heads to a club only to witness a murder no one else can see. After her mother disappears, her life gets tangled up in that of a Shadowhunter, “warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons”, the same people from the club. The only problem is Clary, and the other Shadowhunters, have no clue as to why she is suddenly being attacked by demons or why she has the Sight.

“The boy never cried again, and he never forgot what he’d learned: that to love is to destroy, and that to be loved is to be the one destroyed.” (206)

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book cover for the knife of never letting go by patrick ness

Series: Chaos Walking

Chapters: 42; s/M/l

Pages: 479

Genre: YA Fiction/Sci-fi

“A book of startling and poetic beauty…. Enormously compelling.”– Literary Review (U.K.)

Description: On a planet known as New World there is a town named Prentisstown. Everyone in this town can hear each others thoughts, no one is safe. Suddenly a terrible secret is presented to Todd, a boy a month short of becoming a man. He must run from the town and it’s history in hopes of surviving. The only problem is, how can you escape when they can hear all your thoughts?

“Cuz the rumors were true, the rumors that Francia heard. The word was true. It’s an army. A whole army. There’s a whole army coming after me” (210)

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book cover for dark secrets 1 by elizabeth chandler

Series: Dark Secrets

Chapters: 37; s/M/l

Pages: 431

Genre: YA Fiction

Description: A book containing two short stories, Legacy of Lies and Don’t Tell. Legacy of Lies is about a girl, Megan, who is forced to stay with her uptight grandmother for the summer. She discovers truths of her family’s legacy and past that could have fatal consequences. There is a love triangle. Don’t Tell is about a girl, Lauren, who returns to the town where her mother drowned. She finds herself reliving moments that lead up to her mothers drowning making her question if her mother was murdered and if she is next.

“My spine tingled. ‘At the end I-I thought I saw myself lying dead.’” -Legacy of Lies (142)

“I didn’t know what time it was or where I was, except far beneath the surface of a river. The river bottom was thick with sea grass and I swam in near darkness. Someone called my name, Laur-en, Laur-en, the voice rising and falling over the syllables as my mother’s once had.” -Don’t Tell (267)

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book cover for crank by ellen hopkins

Series: Crank

Chapters: 292; S/m/l

Pages: 537

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

“The poems are masterpieces of word, shape, and pacing… a stunning portrayal of a teen’s loss of direction.” – School Library Journal

Description: Kristina is a young girl forced to visit her father in Albuquerque. Whilst there she meets a guy named Adam and suddenly her world is turned upside down as she enters a toxic relationship filled with sex and drugs. Her life gets sucked down the drain as she finds herself addicted to Crank THE drug. THE monster in her life. This book is written in many different poetic styles, including concrete and acrostic, with very short chapters. An easy read, but a deep read.

“But that’s not exactly cool. So you sit and smile pretending like it’s not even fazing you, not touching you at all. So he look you in the eye, trying to measure you, find a hint of reaction. And he says, Tell me how you feel. So you can’t stand it one more second, and you close your eyes, daring him to kiss you. So he does, and it’s electric, high voltage, stun-gun strength desire jolting sinew and bone. And he asks, How ‘bout another line?” (92-93)



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